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Based on 227 reviews

The product is truly unique- has a mild and pleasant taste, and packs a punch when it comes to the nutritional value. It has become a daily staple at home- I mix two scoopfulls with the morning cereal.

Mushroom Coffee - 100% Natural Coffee Infused with Mushrooms and Maca Root Powder

Powerful Super green powder

I take this together with super reds powder in my morning super drink, and the benefits are innumerable. This product is of excellent quality. Unquestionably, I would buy it again!


These products are A-MAZING!! The powders arrived in the cutest package with a bonus recipe book! And with Full of free gifts 🎁 The Lean Protein Clarity is such a perfect addition to my morning workout and/or smoothie, and the forever young powder is just delicious in everything, especially smoothies. The little booklet has some delicious recipes - the cacao smoothie is my new morning go-to, it's the perfect start to the day. I can't wait to try adding these powders into baked goods! Will definitely be ordering again!

Love for coffee

Superfood with Super Taste and magic

Pink protein

Nice product and benefits

It works - must buy if you have gut issues

Second time buying it and didn't want to leave a review until I was sure it worked. And yes it does. And trust me I have serious gut issues and it has helped me tremendously.

Product - 10/10, Service - 3/10

The product is formulated really well. It is the only protein powder (so far) which doesn't cause my harmonal acne to relapse. All the other protein powder ruin my skin. However, their service is really bad. Recently, my order got cancelled and it quite an ordeal to get the refund. (I eventually got it, BTW)

Very good

It seems working and I’m currently using normal coffee and mushroom coffe to brew daily coffee and it’s really nice effects in cognition.

Coffee with nutrient

Great taste !

Larger size and lower price, please, if possible

Forest has earned my trust with its clean products. My only suggestion is to launch the organic plant protein in larger sizes at a lower price per scoop for superusers such as biohackers and those who hit the gym regularly. For example, whey protein is available in sizes up to four and sometimes even six kgs.

Good ingredients, good taste

Love the ingredients list!

Great Product

I love the taste and benefit !

I need me more mushrooms

Absolutely loved this brand and how well they packaged everything. It looks and tastes incredible. I even got some free goodies that I am looking forward to trying out. My head feels better and more focused every time I am engaging in a creative task. The only thing I would recommend is mentioning the exact quantities of the ingredients used. so that the consumer is aware of how much lions mane intake and other supplements goes in in one day.

New favourite

Excellent taste.

good product

few days i began having this , feeling good and energetic so far

Love this brand and their every product.

Love this brand and their products, surely will purchase often from them and try out their other products.