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Forest Super Food

Forest Organic Marine Green (Spirulina + Chlorella powder)

Forest Organic Marine Green (Spirulina + Chlorella powder)

Elevate your nutritional intake with Forest Spirulina + Chlorella powder. This potent blend of Arthrospira plantensis and Chlorella pyrenoidosa provides high levels of protein, minerals, zinc, and chlorophyll. With a combination of 50% Spirulina and 50% Chlorella, this powder maximizes the benefits of both ingredients, ensuring a complete and effective nutritional density. This powerful blend of superfoods is perfect for those looking to detoxify and boost their overall health and well-being.


✔Natural, vegan, and gluten-free ingredients.
✔Contribute to normal bone function.
✔Helps to regulate hormonal activity.
✔Contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass.
✔Contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.
✔Helps maintain normal blood pressure.

Servings: 50 
Serving size: 2g 
Total Weight : 100g

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50% Chlorella (Chlorella pyrenoidosa) powder, 50% Spirulina powder.


Enjoy with this recipe:
Marine Greens Elixir
1 tbsp Forest Marine Super Greens Powder.
1/4 cup orange juice (we love freshly squeezed!)
1/2 cup filtered water
1. Mix all ingredients in a tall glass.
2. Serve at room temperature or over ice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Use Marine Green Powder?

The super green ingredients in Marine Greens Immunity Powder are species of microalgae or seaweed that help to support overall vitality and natural immunity support and are particularly delicious additions for those looking to diversify the greens in their diet.

What is Marine Greens Immunity Powder?

BareOrganics Marine Greens Immunity Powder offers the best of the sea with a comprehensive blend of organic kelp, chlorella, and spirulina to combine the benefits of all three greens.

Is the Chlorella cell wall cracked or whole in Marine Green?

Unlike many other algae, Chlorella has a uniquely fibrous cell wall that is indigestible for humans. Therefore if you were to consume regular whole chlorella, unfortunately, all of the beneficial nutrients would be stuck inside the cell and unable to be absorbed. Luckily in Marin Green, we utilise cell wall cracked Chlorella so your body can obtain all the health benefits this nutrient-dense algae has to offer.