Solution all diseases are One, their cause Is one, their solution is one!

Solution all diseases are One, their cause Is one, their solution is one!

If you are overweight, worried about family’s history of disease or having pills or going to the doctor every fifth day or you get frequent colds and fevers, well, then you are not experiencing life to the fullest. This human body is Mother Nature’s precious gift to us. Soon we will have to return it back. In the time we have, it’s our duty to clean it and keep it bustling with energy and health.

Example: If you put diesel in the car which runs on petrol, it won’t work. To make it work you first need to take out what you put in and put in the right fuel. Our body craves nutrition and we accidentally put junk, processed factory stuff. No wonder it’s not working.

Step 1. Take out waste

Step 2. Take in Nutritious food.

“If your food is wrong, medicine is of no use.
If your food is right, medicine is of no need.”


“Celebrate life; celebrate the uneasiness because
that mild fever is not an enemy but a friend.”

“A cold, a cough or a fever should not be feared, but celebrated.” Seems weird, doesn’t it?

Let’s take an example: We clean our house every day and when the festival comes near, we initiate a master cleanse, we take the curtains off, clear the dust under rugs and beds and sometimes complete whitewash. The same way, the body also does the master cleanses occasionally when the toxins start accumulating. So, the body gives you cough, cold, fever, diarrhea, vomiting. Mother Nature opens one of the 4 detox channels and sometimes the fifth channel which is the mouth.

Fever: In case of fever, it increases the effectiveness of sweat channel.

Diarrhea: It increases the effectiveness of stool channel.

Common Cold: It increases the effectiveness of your nose.

Vomit: When you puke, Mother Nature opens another channel that is your mouth, to clear out undigested waste.

Unfortunately, the moment we get these happy diseases, we run to a doctor and take the pills and suppress the toxins to stay inside. Basically, by taking medicine of happy disease we have forced our body to get into the second stage of the disease.

We have been sold this idea of ‘Pill for ill’ by big pharma companies to make us believe that we can only get cured by medicine only and we never pondered a thought that our own real doctor is the setting inside.

“Give me a fever and I can cure any disease.”

- Hippocrates



Hippocrates expressed that ‘death lurks in the intestines’ and that ‘bad digestion is the root of all evil’. Your body has two brains: one in your head and one in your gut. When you have a thought, tiny sparks of electricity show up within the neurons in your head. The brain in your head is the hardware for your thoughts. But when you experience a ‘gut feeling’, or intuition, the tiny sparks of electricity show up within the neurons in your gut which is your second brain. While your first brain serves as your intellectual hardware, your second brain--the gut-is your spiritual and emotional GPS. Without it, you’re lost.

The gut has four main parts:

  • The digestive tube, (Border)
  • The gut-associated lymphatic tissue, (Homeland security)
  • The intestinal flora (residents)
  • The gut’s nervous system. (Communication)

An easy way to understand how your gut functions is to think of it in terms of a country. Every country has its own land and borders. Every country has in place some specific infrastructure and communications systems. Every country has citizens and a department of homeland security. Once we create a balance between all the parts of your gut called “country”. All your diseases disappear.


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