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Forest Maca Monk Coffee Milky Coconut- Mushrooms With 100% Freeze-dried Arabica Coffee & Adaptogenic Herbs (150g)

Forest Maca Monk Coffee Milky Coconut- Mushrooms With 100% Freeze-dried Arabica Coffee & Adaptogenic Herbs (150g)

A brain-boosting coffee enhancer with adaptogenic nootropics to help you fight brain fog naturally and feel like the best version of yourself.
💚Focus: Studies have shown Chaga mushroom may help improve your memory, focus, and attention span.
💚Calm: The adaptogenic herb Brahmi may help prevent anxiety and stress by reducing cortisol levels.
💚Clarity: Naturally derived MCTs (medium-chain-triglycerides) from Coconut support healthy energy metabolism in your brain.
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Organic: Organic turmeric, Organic black paper, Organic Ceylon cinnamon, Organic ginger, Organic star anise, Organic cardamon, Organic ashwagandha, coconut milk, poppy seeds, chamomile tea, valerian root extract, cashew, Boswellia herb, and cashew.


Ready in an instant. Just add hot water and a splash of milk (if that’s your thing). It tastes smooth, and just like coffee – not like mushrooms.

Frequently asked questions

What kind of ingredients do you use?

Our Milky coconut coffee is made of Freeze-dried arabica coffee, organic cacao, coconut milk, maca root extract, organic Ashwagandha, Lion's mane and chaga Mushroom extract, Organic Brahmi, and organic vanilla extract. Absolutely nothing else. It is a wholesome natural product with no preservatives, added sugars, or colors.

What is the shelf life of the Milky Coconut?

The shelf life of the Milky Coconut is 12 months in ambient conditions. Once opened, the decoction needs to be refrigerated in the original packaging and air-tight container.

Is the Milky coconut vegan?

The Milky coconut by itself is vegan.

Where do you grow your coffee?

All the coffee used in our decoction comes from the Western Ghats of India. This is a true farm-to-cup product as we are completely backwards-integrated. We grow, process, pack, and sell the decoction in-house.

Can I use the milky coconut for anything other than hot coffee?

Yes of course! Awesome cold coffees, cakes, cocktails etc can be made with our Milky Coconut coffee. It can also be used as a coffee topping on ice creams.

Can I reheat the Milky Coconut Coffee?

Any coffee, if reheated, loses its flavor and charm. Never reheat the Milky Coconut Coffee directly, add it to hot milk, heat the mixture, and beat it up and down for traditional South Indian filter coffee.

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