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Beetroot Extract ‎ ‎ ‎

Beetroot Extract ‎ ‎ ‎

Now get your daily dose of superfood for blood circulation and endurance with Rooted Actives Power Beets, an instant health drink mix. Made with the goodness of Beetroot extract, this beetroot powder supplement
helps to regulate your blood circulation while providing a boost of energy for endurance. Shake, blend, or mix this beetroot powder can be enjoyed every day in various forms. Packed with essential nutrients you can enjoy this vibrant red organic beetroot powder health drink to boost your daily health.
From anti-inflammatory properties to helping blood flow, beetroot has been known to mankind for its excellent benefits for ages. Available in a convenient health drink mix, you can now enjoy the taste and goodness of this beetroot easily every day.


Keto-friendly & 100% Vegan
✔ Lower Blood Pressure: Beets are naturally high in Nitrates, Which are turned Into Nitric Oxide in the Blood. This compound Lowers Blood Pressure by making blood vessels relax and widen.
✔ Helps Prevent Cardio Problems & Stroke: Folates (Vitamin B9) help keep your blood vessels Healthy And help reduce the risk of cardio problems and stroke. potassium helps improve cardio functioning.
✔ Increase Stamina: Beetroot and its juice help your Heart and Lungs work better during exercise. nitric oxide from beets increases blood flow to your muscles. Some Athletes eat beetroot or drink beet juice when exercising to improve their performance.

Servings: 20
Serving size: 5g
Total Weight : 100g
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Beet root extract


Take 1 heaping scoop (5g approx.) in 200-250ml water or your favorite beverage. take 1-2 servings daily or as suggested by your healthcare professional.

Frequently Asked Questions

From where do you source your beets ?

Our Beets are sourced from high-quality farms in India.

Who can consume Beetroot extract ?

It's ideal for the whole family (Kids above age 10).

What results can I expect from Super Greens ?

Forest Beetroot extract is formulated to help improve blood flow and stamina/energy due to the optimal of beetroot. It should help boost energy & stamina, besides supporting better cardio health.

Can you take beetroot powder every day ?

Yes, you can take our beet root powder every day for optimum health and improved endurance and stamina.

How many times a day can you take beetroot powder ?

You can take 1-2 servings of this beetroot supplement daily or as suggested by your healthcare professional.

What is the best way to use beetroot powder ?

You can use this beetroot supplement in various ways. Blend it in a smoothie, add it to your food, or use beetroot powder for a drink.