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Adaptogenic Mushroom Coffee Balls

Adaptogenic Mushroom Coffee Balls

Ready to fuel your day the plant-based way? Our Adaptogenic mushroom coffee plant-based energy balls are made with 100% natural ingredients like raw cacao, dates, almond, and mushroom coffee blend. Each ball features a soft, delicious texture combined with irresistible flavor to incorporate more plant-based foods into your snacking routine.

Clean & Satisfying grab-and-go snack

Plant-based energy and protein

Made with our best-selling Mushroom Coffee Mix

Curb your sweet cravings the healthy way

Gluten-free, dairy-free

Zero added sugars

Servings- 30 based on 15g/ serving (for general wellbeing) 15 based on 30g/serving (for post workout recovery)


40g X 5 = 200g

210g X 1 = 210g

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