Zero Waste Green Smoothie .

Zero Waste Green Smoothie .

Zero Waste Green Smoothie Recipe

Every day can be Earth Day! There are so many little things you can do daily to support the well-being of the environment and fight global warming. Not sure where to start? Try making this DELICIOUS Zero Waste Green Smoothie.  

Made with avocados, strawberries, and spinach- you won’t have to worry about clean-up! 

This recipe is zero waste because:

🍓 Uses the whole strawberry- no need to spend time cutting off the stem!

🥑 Avocado got too ripe too fast?😟 It will still taste great in a smoothie! And, don’t forget to compost that avocado shell.

🥬 Instead of throwing spinach in the trash (why does it have to wilt so quickly??), throw it in the blender!

Not only is this smoothie good for the environment and your wallet, it’s good for your health! In addition to spinach and avocado, this smoothie gets an extra serving of greens from not one, but two of our superfood mixes: Super Green and Skinny Protein Mix. Just one serving of Super Green contains 6 powerful superfoods with essential vitamins and minerals. Plus, all essential amino acids from Skinny Protein (bonus: it keeps you fuller longer!). 

You (and the planet) will feel as green as ever!

Looking for other tips to make April your greenest month yet?  Check out our No Waste Kitchen Ideas!


SERVES 1 | VEGAN, Glass Full


2 tsp. Super Green Mix

2 tsp. plant  Protein Mix

1 cup spinach

1 avocado 

1 cup whole strawberries

1 cup plant- based milk.

1 tbsp maple syrup


Place all dressing ingredients in a blender.

Mix on high speed for 1-2 minutes.


Products Used

Super Green 

Plant protein

Superfood smoothie mix with nutritious greens

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